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Scale your business on Valentine’s Day

No matter what industry you’re in, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to scale your results. The month of love is an opportune time, perhaps not as demanding as Black Friday or Christmas, but with the right strategy, it can rise to the level of both.

Why? This is the time of year when user behavior changes. After a month of “relaxation”, a perhaps slower start to the year, users are coming back in force and preparing for the main event this month: Valentine’s Day! Whether we’re talking about couples who want to surprise each other or singles who feel the need to reward themselves, it’s clear that the opportunities are there.


Strategy is, as always, the driving force behind every campaign. It needs to be prepared in advance, and the first step is setting objectives and planning the timeline and channels to be used.

Materials and landing pages should be prepared at least a week in advance, and audience lists and product feeds should be checked.

As a strategy, you need to consider both the prospecting area, attracting new traffic to the site, and retargeting, so the budget distribution will be determined by the priorities you have in terms of objectives (awareness, traffic, conversion, etc.), as well as audience splits. It is recommended to communicate across the entire marketing funnel.

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind - William Shakespeare


As I said, user behaviour is changing and adapting audiences is extremely important. Whether in Google, Facebook or other platforms, there is the option of targeting users interested in specific events.

In this case, include users interested in Valentine’s Day in your audience list. This will certainly improve your CTR and positively influence your conversion rate and costs.

In addition, don’t forget to prepare your remarketing lists in advance with your dedicated landing page visitors. Make sure you have audiences with the highest retention times in your accounts. These will populate quickly and will also be useful for future communications after the campaign is over.

Optimizing accounts

There are a few important optimizations you need to make during this period, especially when it comes to keywords. Whether you choose to create dedicated campaigns for this event or use ongoing campaigns that already have a history, you need to make sure you include seasonal keywords in your keyword lists, such as valentine’s day gifts, valentine’s day offers, etc.

Another important aspect is that you should also adapt the messages in the ads, that you include representative keywords and formulate them in the most catchy way possible.

At the same time, it is recommended in Google to add extensions dedicated to the campaign, especially Promotion Extensions.

Measuring results

We can’t talk about a successful campaign if we don’t measure the data correctly and have transparent reporting. For this reason, before launching the campaign we need to make sure that all tracking codes are triggered correctly in the landing page used and all conversion events needed to measure results are implemented, whether we are talking about form completions or transactions.

If you haven’t activated a Valentine’s Day campaign yet, now is the time to do it! The month of love isn’t over yet!

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