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Close to 20% Conversion Rate On Paid Traffic For MJ Richardson

This client contacted us as they were unhappy with the performance their previous Google Ads account manager was providing. Over the course of several months, we were able to drastically reduce their Cost Per Click (CPC) and radically improve their visibility in the market, as the ads placed and performed better. Also, after working with us, the client was able to finally get a proper understanding of their online advertising performance, since we fixed his conversion tracking and were able to report accurate numbers on the account performance.


MJ Richardson Contracting


August 2023


Google Ads, Tracking, Landing Pages

We’ve started working with this client about halfway through April (where you can see the cost per click start to drop). When we took over the account, we found unoptimized ads running on an automated bidding strategy without proper conversion tracking in place. He was receiving some calls, but not nearly enough to sustain his contracting business and costs were ramping up fast.

By rewriting all ads, and taking control of the bidding strategies, we drastically reduced their CPC, down 42% from when we took over the account. This led to almost double the amount of clicks for the same budget.

Another huge issue the client was facing was improper conversion tracking. He had no idea how well the account was performing and if he was bleeding money or not. We managed to fix this, making sure all calls and lead form submissions are being tracked and properly reported in the account. By doing so, the client finally had an understanding of how paid advertising was benefitting their business.

We managed to get their cost per lead (CPL) under $45, in a very competitive space. By also redesigning all the landing pages, the client got close to a 20% conversion rate for all visitors from paid channels. Branding and how you’re presenting yourself to the customer matter more than ever.

While the previous auction insights report was not that bad, it was far from ideal. The client showed in about 40% of all searches for keywords targeted. By better using the budget available, we managed to bump that number up to 70% of searches and maintained the first position against giants like HomeAdvisor and AngiesList.

And that’s not all! We advised the client to expand their marketing efforts, and we implemented the collection of emails from all leads, building his e-mail database of clients to remarket and upsell adjacent services later, like gutter cleaning and power washing services.