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220% Increase In Conversions For T-Shirt Printing Business

This client contacted us after they have dropped their previous account manager and only rand ads for branded search terms for almost 6 months. They wanted to scale their account to more than $10k ad spend per month but were unable to do so on their own. The client offered T-Shirt personalization services, so while there was a high demand for their services, the advertising had to be done right.


T-Shirt Printing Service


December 2020


Google Ads, Landing Pages

We started by developing cold traffic search campaigns while developing custom audiences to gather members to remarket to with special offers via Remarketing Lists For Search Ads and Display Ads – and capitalize on all the Holidays at the end of the year. Since there was plenty of traffic available to advertise to, we managed to increase their conversions by 220% while simultaneously dropping their cost per conversion by a significant amount – 24%.

Scaling an account is never easy. It’s easy to just throw more money into advertising, but also maintaining performance, that’s another thing. In the clients’ case, this was especially challenging as all new traffic was cold traffic. The account scaling was deemed a complete success by the client: we are reporting close to 4.3 ROAS, which is extremely profitable as their product margins are over 150%.