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1800% More Leads For Architectural Vizualisation Business

We started working with this client in Early December. The client is an Architectural Visualization company, providing renderings for architects, realtors, and residential clients. Although the client had traffic on the website and clicks on ads, the properties were failing to convert visitors into leads. We’ve done a complete website audit, Google Ads account audit, and started working both on the ads account and the landing pages.


Architectural Visualization Company


December 2020


Google Ads, Landing Pages

Through rigorous A/B split testing, we’ve managed to identify problems and significantly improve the numbers of leads generated by the landing pages (up by 1800%) in an extremely competitive field with high ticket items, as their pricing starts at $2500 per rendering.

The challenge was to achieve this with their limited budget in a very competitive space, where CPCs start at around $10 and can go over $40. By increasing their lead amount significantly, we managed to make their Google Ads marketing profitable and sustainable, providing a steady flow of leads to the business, with them now being ready to scale.