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4 Trends in Digital Marketing in 2022

When we talk about digital marketing, we can say that it is the one that can take your business to the heights of success, but this is only possible with a well-developed strategy, suitable for your brand, but also adapted to new trends in the industry. As a constantly changing industry, every year sees the emergence of expected and less expected trends that help shape and develop a broader perspective on the future. In order to be successful, it is important to keep abreast of these trends and adapt your strategy accordingly. Businesses that manage to adapt will be one step ahead of the competition, while those that don’t take advantage of these opportunities present in the digital world will be left behind. To avoid this, we come to your aid with a series of predictions and tips to keep in mind this year.

Here are 4 trends in digital marketing in 2022.

1. Social Commerce will become vital for any Ecommerce

One of the elements that should underpin your strategy for Ecommerce in 2022 is Social Commerce. It allows the use of social media platforms to sell or buy certain products and services. According to a study by eMarketer, 55.5% of consumers aged 18-24 and 48.7% of consumers aged 25-34 made at least one social media purchase in 2021.

In addition, SproutSocial-branded research shows us that 73% of businesses have already integrated Social Commerce into their marketing strategy, while 79% plan to introduce it in the next two years. If you haven’t started taking advantage of the benefits Social Commerce can bring you yet, our advice is to consider it because most of your competitors are already selling through social platforms or are planning to do so. Most users discover products and buy directly from them, and statistics show that the percentage of purchases made on social media has increased and will continue to increase over the next three years. Platforms currently offering this feature include Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, while platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Twitter have announced plans to add it in the near future.

2. Artificial Intelligence will gain ground

Artificial Intelligence is sure to change the future of digital marketing as every year it manages to innovate the field. In 2022 we expect it to become much more accessible, but also more widely used by most brands. According to trueNorth, 80% of businesses believe AI can increase productivity, while 83% of those already using AI confirm that they have already achieved substantial economic benefits. It can be of great help to both start-up and established businesses. Whether it’s PPC campaigns, content marketing, email marketing, and beyond, AI helps you improve every element to increase sales and improve the consumer experience.

One of the brands taking advantage of the benefits brought by Artificial Intelligence is Amazon. In addition to the well-known Alexa virtual voice assistant, the folks at Amazon use AI in many other ways, one of which is sending certain products and services to consumers before they even think about buying them. They collect a lot of data about users, and through this, they can predict customer needs using predictive analytics. Another good example of Amazon using Artificial Intelligence is the new Amazon Go stores, where there are no cashiers, and the purchase and payment process is fully automated.

Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed - Dan Zarrella

3. Consumer experience will matter more than ever

In the future, marketers will be much more focused on the consumer experience, which is crucial when it comes to any business. Every user will want as personalized an experience as possible, tailored to their needs, and when they can’t find it, they will surely turn to a brand that offers it. Consumers want to be approached on an individual level and not treated as just part of the crowd choosing to purchase a product or service. Knowing this, marketers will need to focus more on building lasting relationships with their audience, but also on showing how a brand can add value and not just provide services. For this to be possible, it will require an in-depth understanding of how consumers think, what they want and need. This will lead to an increase in conversion rates, brand engagement, and reputation.

4. End Third-Party cookies, start First-Party cookies

Cookies are files created by the websites you visit. They make the user’s online experience more user-friendly by saving certain browsing information. Cookies are also the ones that allow us to store your preferences and provide recommendations based on them. They fall into several categories, but currently, the ones that are most helpful to marketers are Third-Party cookies. However, as users are increasingly concerned about how their personal information is used, laws will increasingly restrict what marketers can do with them. Third-party cookies, which have already been blocked by big companies like Apple and Microsoft, will also be removed by 2023 by Google. This will be quite a blow to the digital marketing field, but because adaptation is essential in this field, we believe there will be a shift to First-Party cookies. This will require a much more transparent policy whereby consumers know how their data will be used before they provide it. First-Party cookies also allow users to block them from their browser settings if they wish, and so the information will no longer be stored. Our advice is to prepare for this transition and adjust your marketing strategy for 2022 accordingly.

Although the future is uncertain, we can make some predictions about what the new year might bring, based on recent research and statistics. These are just 4 trends in digital marketing that we believe will grow exponentially in 2022. In order not to be taken by surprise it is necessary to take these into account and prepare early. And if you want to have the most effective digital marketing strategy in 2022, we recommend that you turn to an experienced marketing agency that can quickly give you a helping hand!

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